Our Nursery's Golden Rules

For Parents

At Bush-E-Babes Nursery School in Bushey, Hertfordshire we value mutual respect and understanding and therefore have given our Parents our Golden Rules within our setting:-


  • Timekeeping is key: please adhere to your contracted hours with regards to your drop off and collection times.

  • Please allow plenty of time to dropping off and to collecting your children and consider others users in the Car Park.

  • Bush-E-Babes cannot take responsibility for any items left at our setting including clothing, comforters, dummies: We ask that you clearly label all your child’s belongings.

  • Replenish your child’s bag: Please take time to look in your child’s bag after each session at Bush-E-Babes and make sure plenty of nappies, wipes and changes of clothes and appropriate.

For Children

  • We are gentle:  we do not hurt others.

  • We are kind and helpful:  we do not hurt anybody’s feelings.

  • We listen:  we do not interrupt.

  • We are honest:  we always tell the truth

  • We play with our toys with respect 


What we use to learn:-

  • Looking eyes

  • Listening ears

  • Soft voices

  • Do not interrupt

  • Waiting and kind hands

  • Quiet feet